That’s me

Welcome to my homepage. Feel free to look around. It would be nice if you could leave an entry in my guestbook.

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5 Responses to That’s me

  1. scalatore says:

    hope, you’ll soon come back!

    • ckreb says:

      Thank you. Feels good to hear that. When I have some time, the chances might be quite good. Meanwhile I follow and enjoy your blog ;).


  2. Enjoyed looking at your landscapes, Christian. Hope to see more of you on WetCanvas. Did like your Plockton painting very much

  3. ckreb says:

    Hello Mike, thanks a lot for stopping by and the nice words about my paintings. Due to my current workload, I am a bit passive concerning WetCAnvas, that’s true. And I do not have a lot of time for painting. Hope this will be better soon.


  4. Larry says:

    Hi Christian,
    Just re-discovered your blog after seeing you comment on WetCanvas and re-enjoying your paintings.I have made a decision that this year the “tight” painting is finished and will put away time this year to dedicate to loosening up.I started a blog for the fun and although there are old tight paintings on it,from here on it will be new style,LOL.

    Kind regards


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