Back to the industrial site

The sun is coming out in Germany and it’s getting warmer (at least in the afternoons. Mornings still can be chilling cold). So I took my opportunity and returned to the old industrial site I sketched and then painted indoors earlier this year. This time I had my easel, colours and some half sheet Bockingford paper with me and had a go. It was a nice and relaxing experience (as it always is) but I somehow wasn’t able to bring the strengths of the scene onto my paper (strong shadows and colours´, some nice reflections in the water). I’m pleased with the composition, though. I used my new selfmade viewfinder for this which is an overhead transparency between two cardboard pieces. I drew lines on it indicating the thirds and halfs of my paper. It is useful for finding starting points. I first thought I might draw all the time by looking through the viewfinder but that is not really a good solution as my hand isn’t still enough. But it’s good for finding and placing your first line and than measuring your way through the composition with checking it through the viewfinder from time to time.




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