My schedule

My current ‘training’ schedule: One drawing a day, one watercolour a week, one plein air painting / drawing a month. This is – of course – the minimum. There is – and should – always be the possibility of doing more than this. I felt that I could need a clear guideline to focus more on what’s important and not to get lost in unnecessary activities concerning my hobby. I tend to forget everything else (job, housework, etc.) otherwise. However, what is a bit problematic is the fact that I can’t stand it to go to bed with the feeling of having produced only bad stuff this day. So it is difficult to stop drawing when I can’t produce anything which satisfies me. On the other hand, when a drawing succeeds I’d rather stop drawing (or painting) on that day because I know, that I have produced something worthwhile. These drawings from my sketchbook can be put into the latter category.

skb15 skb16

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