Tall tree

I saw a great demo video of Jem Bowden recently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCrNQ0OCMg8 It is a great example of an impressionistic watercolour. It made me want to try something similar to practice trees and skies that portray a sense of a breezy weather. I had to browse my reference image library for some time until I found this picture.


A picture I wasn’t quite happy with for a long time (I took it in autumn last year). When taking the photo the tree attracted me but it always seemed to be too tall to result in a pleasing composition. But at last I found a solution. I wasn’t flexible enough in terms of my format. The landscape format was the problem. When thinking in terms of a portrait format composition was not a problem any more. So this is how I cropped the picture:


And finally all these considerations resulted in this picture:


I gave the shadows more strength to not make it too dull, left out the people and added some birds (which is ok because there usually are some birds flying around there – the photo was taken in a nature preserve).

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