Creating depth

Sometimes, I have to search hard for a good reference image when I am in the mood of painting. I have a large stock of photos I took but not every picture provokes me to paint it. Some pictures don’t offer a good composition, others are too difficult or pose problems I feel I cannot solve for the moment and others don’t offer the right mood (I don’t like to paint winter paintings in summer). The ref image below belongs to the ones with a bad composition. This is sometimes the easiest problem to solve as you can invent or change something to suit your needs as a painter. The picture was taken in early May, so the weather it represents is still valid for now (a month later), because it still is rather fresh and breezy here. With this picture I invented a path leading into the distance. This is actually a bit impossible because in the middle distance (somewhere behind or in front of the trees) is a small river. But as a painter I often feel free to use at least some artistic license although thgis might seem odd to people who actually know the place. It was fun, however, to think about the best form of the path and what to do with the puddles. I felt it was necessary to bring in this path so that the picture is not divided into halfs and to bring in some depth. Another thing I did was to paint the building in the distance in a bluey grey and to paint just the silhouette so that it falls back into the distance.



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