Leaving my comfort zone (II)

This picture came into being because of two experiences I made yesterday: The first one was that I did some drawings in my sketchbook and yet again not one of it turned out to be at least something which could be called a reasonably good drawing. Only cr%&$§p. As I can call myself an experienced drawer by now I know that there will come a time when I produce better drawings again, however, it is usually a frustrating experience. Later that day I watched a nice plein air painting video on youtube, something I way too often like to do although this really is a time-killer. Again I was fascinated by the oil painters and how they quickly and seemingly without too much effort put their thick paint on their canvasses, this always looks so relaxed and easy, holding the brushes at their far ends, putting boldly their strokes beneath each other and slowly develop an impression of what they see. I do envy them and sometimes I would like to do some oil painting but so far I’ve always shunned the effort of it with all those materials (thinners, solvents, cloths, etc.). So what I did yesterday evening was to once again try to get out of my comfort zone: I took only two brushes – a flat brush and a rigger – and painted this picture. Usually I use more brushes than only two and rather rounds than flat brushes. The flat brush was unusual to use because it didn’t hold a lot of water and was dry quite quickly. So it was difficult to produce large washes for the sky. Initially I felt therefore that it will not work and that I have to take one of my so far beloved squirrel mops but I persevered and I think I was able to create some nice dry effects in the sky. Also, it was a nice feeling to really need to scrub the paint into the paper, everything was more rough and wild, real fun. I also used thicker paint towards the end. This was possible because of the rather stiff bristles of the brush. I am quite pleased with the result. It was painted quite boldly in a very intuitive way and I think this did the picture good.


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