Recent plein air paintings

I was lucky to be able to go out painting twice last week. So I set up my easel on the edge of two different fields in two different areas in my home town. The first motif was rather a compromise. I wanted to paint something simpler but couldn’t find anything like just an interesting tree standing alone in the fields. Because I was running out of time and got a bit anxious to maybe drive back home without even getting out my paints I chose to paint this. It is not really a decent depiction of what the weather and the actual scenery was like. I was still in my experimenting mood with only one brush which wasn’t a good companion here. I feel more happy with the second picture: It shows exactly the motif I wanted to paint in the first place. However, I nearly ended up not painting it, only because I am still not that bold enough to paint in the direct possibility of meeting other people. But then I pulled myself together, chose a point slightly beneath the way and started to paint. It was a great experience again because the weatherforecast had actually promised rain and so the sky was cloudy but it was warm and a nice fresh breeze was blowing around me. When I had nearly finished the picture, some rain dropped on my paper but that was it. Especially with the first picture, which was painted in a landscape protection area, I started again to think about the ecofriendliness of my hobby. Although I don’t drive around on anything with a motor, I don’t listen to loud music, I dont leave back anything – apart from my painting water – I do feel like a disturbing element where I paint: a goose was sitting on the river bank behind me and better went away when I came and I don’t know what little insects, plants, etc. I trampled down there. It’s  something which is worth thinking about more closely.

20150611_183616 DSCN0746

20150613_170328 20150613_174714 DSCN0750

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