Wannabe artists

I don’t call myself an artist. I do have my reasons for that and I have planned to write some of them in the near future. I feel that it is a good thing to have the ability to judge one’s own creative output in realistic terms. Self criticism is not only an ability which leads to oneself trying harder to reach more advanced skills. It is also an ability to protect oneself from dissapointments and wrong conclusions in terms of one’s own future. There is a number of watercolour painters in germany who – I feel – don’t have this ability. I don’t see a lot of real artistic ability, skills or even some kind of programme behind what they paint. However, they do build ‘clubs’ or groups or whatever with likeminded painters, things like that, and then they can feel like some kind of special group. Actually, there is nothing wrong with that. What increasingly annoys me is the arrogance behind all this, their self aggrandizing and condescending view on other hobby painters. Actually, I don’t believe that they do sell a lot of their pictures. They rather seem to make a living by giving painting courses. And that is even worse. There are so many watercolour painters who go to their courses because they paint ‘in such a loose style’ (there’s nothing wrong with loose though – but there is a big difference between loose and wrong) and all that. In fact it is like that: hobby painters who have gone professional give courses to hobby painters who pay (more or less) a lot of money to them.

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