Schlei No 1

Here’s the first showable watercolour I did after a photo taken during my holidays in the Schlei region. We’ve been to the peninsula Schwansen – a narrow swath between Eckerförde and Kappeln, far up in the North of Germany, near the Danish border. The Schlei is an inlet or arm of the baltic sea which reaches far (42 kilometres) into the inland. It’s similar to a fjord but much narrower and has developed differently. So the Schlei itself – which has developed out of melting glacier water – and the landscape around is a product of the last ice age. This gives the landscape a nicely hilly appearance which allows for some views in the distance, a characteristic which makes it perfect for painting. WHile Schwansen is the area to the east of the Schlei, the area west to it is called Angeln. From there, the people of the germanic Angeln tribe emigrated to the British isles way back in the 5th century.

Nowadays the area is mainly characterized by agriculture and tourism. There isn’t much industry to be found. Only small shipyards, a dairy company in Kappeln, things like that. A nice spot where maybe one day – I hope – I return to for some on the spot painting.

The photo for this watercolour was taken near Arnis. With 300 inhabitants the smallest place in Germany with the rights of a city.


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