Bad luck with the weather

Last weekend I had some time to go painting outside a bit. Although there were some clouds and rain throughout the morning, the sky looked pretty blue when I started and I thought that now is the time to have a go. I drove to a nice spot where I’ve wanted to paint for some while now, sat down on my chair and began with the pencil drawing. Not halfway through the drawing however, it started raining again. I took shelter under a large tree, covered my paper and – since I don’t see myself as a good weather painter – waited half an hour or so. When the rain stopped I went back to drawing, which was more difficult than at the beginning: my jacket and sleeves were wet, water was dripping from the trees, the paper was a bit wet which made it more difficult to draw with a pencil, I was cold because of the waiting in the rain. And finally it started raining again. I had to realize that it wouldn’t make sense to go on. These are the moments I wish I’d be an oil painter. I completed the picture at home using the ref image I did with my camera.

DSCN1175 20150920_135830

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