Beech hedge

Our garden is partly surrounded by an old beech hedge. It adds to the charm of the whole house which has been built in 1935 and it functions as a shelter for birds or as something to kick a football in (the latter at least as far as my sons are concerned). But although the hedge is a beautiful thing it means at least once a year: work, work, work. It needs cutting which isn’t the worst, but getting all the greenery away to the dumping ground is a challenge each year. Furthermore, as much as I like to use a nice toy – my electric hedge cutter -, after cutting around twenty meters of a more than man high hedge, my arms feel wobbly and weak so that I can hardly hold a coffee mug. One part of the hedge was even around three meters high, a height which I wasn’t willing to tackle each future year. So we made a decision and cut this part down to maybe half of its height. Although this part was only around 7-ten meters long, the amount of garden waste was immense. Three times I had to the dumping ground. What was a nice thing early in the morning. But already the second go was a bit of a nuisance as the waste ground was full of pensioneers wanting to get rid of their garden waste, too. But finally I managed to throw everything into the container and now I have a more manageable hedge as well. Only days after cutting the hedge severely down it already started to develop new sprouts. So I quickly had to draw one of the beech trees in a condition which I found interesting to draw.


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