Getting started again

Some time has passed since I painted my last watercolour. I used the quiet days between christmas and the first days of the new year to get back into the habit. It was easier than thought and I produced two paintings from photos I took during a holiday I did in late October in Husum, Northern Germany.  The first one shows a ‘Warft’ on the ‘Hallig’ Hooge. We had a beautiful day there with cold but sunny weather and because of being there out of the holiday season it was fairly void of people. The second one is a quick picture of a thatched cottage in Husum. I changed the sourroundings quite a bit so the cottage was only an incentive just to paint something.


When I haven’t painted for a while I usually feel reluctuant to start again because I fear that I will fail and that keeps me from starting anew. However, when I managed to produce a painting it usually feels quite good and not so clumsy and akward as I initially thought it would. I should try to paint more just for the sake of painting without having something showable in mind. That would keep me going on more continuous basis, I believe.

But as you can see here in this blog: I am not the best in producing continuity (at least when it comes to blogging). I know that my blog is not the most active one. From time to time I do think about abandoning it, as I regularly realize that posting something meaningful is not my strength. But then I think that all this doesn’t matter and maybe one of the two or three readers or passers by maybe enjoys some of my pictures. It seems to be similar to the painting experience. When I managed to start a blog post, I actually feel better then.

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